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Virginia CU Realty, an affiliated business of Virginia Credit Union, makes your path to selling a home easier. Our agents are ready to provide you with the up-to-date market information, help you negotiate your best deal and insure a smooth and successful transaction.

Please provide information about your property using the form below and one of our agents will contact you shortly. Providing more information will help us to prepare a more accurate listing.

Virginia Credit Union Members Listing Discount

Receive a half percent (.5%) discount on the listing commission when you sell a home through Virginia CU Realty. For example, on a home that sold for $200,000, that would be a $1,000 savings to the VACU member.

Contact Virginia CU Realty for details. Listing services are currently available to members in central Virginia.


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Realty services are offered through Virginia CU Realty, LLC, an affiliate of Virginia Credit Union (VACU). VACU may receive a financial or other benefit because VACU, through Virginia Credit Union Financial Services, LLC, has an ownership interest in Virginia CU Realty, LLC. Licensed in VA only. Business conducted with Virginia CU Realty, LLC, is separate and distinct from any business with VACU.